Thursday, 2 July 2015

The things on my bucket list

I'm always adding to my bucket list, but these are some of the things that I'm hoping will be achievable. I also have some veeery exciting things planned so I'll be able to get ticking away. For now, this is how the list stands…

1. Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

I've always wanted to go to Australia and since snorkelling in Fiji and seeing the amaaaazing coral reefs there, I've wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef. And where's better than here to try out scuba diving?

2. Visit every continent

I'm so determined to do this. Antarctica I'm coming for you!

3. See the northern nights

There's something so magical about the aurora borealis and I want to see it in person so badly. There are times when you can see the northern lights in Scotland, but I'd want to go to Iceland so I could check out the famous Blue Lagoon and ice caves, too.


4. Learn a language until fluent

I've always loved languages and while I'm pretty good at French, I'd love to say I was completely fluent. Practising is on my to do list – definitely another reason to head back to France.

5. Explore Hobbiton in New Zealand

As well as the million other places in New Zealand that I want to see, I think Hobbiton would be pretty cool. Touristy yes, but still amazing.

6. Hire a convertible and drive America's West Coast

What could be better than getting behind the wheel of a convertible, sleeping in motels, eating burgers and driving down the West Coast on a real American road trip?

7. Run a marathon

This would give me motivation to stop being so lazy!

8. Go on safari in Africa

Since having to turn down a trip to Kenya a few months back. I can't get Africa out of my head. I would love to get back to nature and hopefully see the big five. Watching the sun rise over the Masai Mara would be incredible, too – Lion King anyone?

9. Visit Australia's outback

Ayers Rock is iconic, I've seen so many photos and it'd be great to see it in person. The landscape of the outback looks incredible and seeing a kangaroo would definitely complete the trip.

10. Finish writing a novel

I started writing my novel a few years ago when I was at uni. I managed to write myself into a corner only a few chapters in and have since put it to one side. I need to dig it back out and crack on with those pages. JK watch out.

11. Live abroad

To really get to know a country, you have to experience living there. New Zealand is definitely top of my list for this – beautiful scenery and fewer deadly creatures than Australia.

12. Volunteer with pandas in China

If you know me you'll know I'm a bit obsessed with pandas. They are mostly veggie and are quite possibly the most adorable animals ever (and if you don't believe me just head to Youtube for hours of adorableness…) so it would be a dreeeam to look after them in China.


13. Go surfing

I can't believe I've never given this a try. I have no balance but I'm guessing it'd be fun

14. Try WWOOFing 

I only found out about this recently whilst searching ways to save money and extend trips abroad. Volunteering with WWOOF – World Wide Opporunities on Organic Farms – is a great way to give back to local communites whilst giving yourself a place to stay. You can volunteer in so many countries and are given full board acomodation in exchange for 6 hours of work per day. This seems like the perfect way to experience a completely different side of a country, and you'd get to meet so many amazing and inspiring people, too.  Plus it hardly costs a thing!

Find out more at 

15. Take a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

I've been Stateside a few times now and my next trip has to be to the Grand Canyon. It's one of those places that has to be seen, and taking a helicopter ride would make it one of those once-in-a-lifetime things.

16. Sleep outside under the stars

I'm bringing out the inner romantic with this one (yes I'm soppy, yes I'm still single) but I've always loved stargazing and learning about astronomy was about the only time I wanted to listen in science classes at school. Stars are fascinating, and on a clear night I could stare at them for hours.

17. Trek the Inca Trail

I've said before about wanting to visit Peru and I'd love to trek to Machu Picchu. You can read more about that here.


18. Work for a travel magazine

CNTraveller just letting you know I'm here…

I'd  love to know what's on your list, and see if there's anything else I should be adding to mine!

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  1. Well, I will do #4 and #11 for you... living in India and learning Hindi. yikes! ;)

    My bucket list.... Eat great food and drink wine. Be able to go running with my kids when they are teenagers. Visit the country side of France. Get a tattoo maybe (not exciting but meh, it's my bucket list). Oh! There's this little country that's somehow affiliate with France but it's right off the east coast of Canada.. so that would be really neat to visit. And write a book for sure. Not a novel though, a great work of non-fiction... mostly because I don't know that I'm creative enough to write a work of fiction. haha

    1. Your bucket list sounds great and that country off the east coast of Canada sounds interesting, I'll have to look it up :) x


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