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Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

It's refreshing to see so many like-minded and amazing people in the blogging community. I'm pretty new to the blog world so I feel so flattered to have been nominated for the Sisterhood Awards by the lovely Lolo from California Globetrotter

There are so many bloggers who have been around for years or who have travelled to hundreds of far-flung countries, so I feel very blessed for my blog to have been considered in the awards! It's definite motivation to keep the posts coming and to continue reaching out to my readers and getting to know each of you even better. It's also more reason to keep going abroad so I have stories to share!

So thanks again Lolo for nominating me and for believing in my blog.

For those that don't know, the award works as follows:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link them in your post
2. Answer the 10 questions you have been sent
3. Come up with 10 questions of your own
4. Nominate up to 10 bloggers to answer your questions and spread the love!

Obviously I understand that, being travel bloggers, many of you will be busy, so don't feel you have to participate if you don't have the time, but it would be lovely to hear from anyone who can and definitely keep in touch.

Here are my answers to Lolo's questions:

1. When did you realize you were a travel addict?

I think it was a combination of things. Travelling around Europe with my family from a really early age has definitely influenced me, but it was after travelling alone for the first time a few years ago that I really got the travel bug. I can't wait to see as many countries as possible, experience different cultures, meet amazing people and share my stories!

2. Where will you never ever travel to again?

Hmm this is a tricky one. I haven't been anywhere that I've really disliked, but I don't know if I'd go to Los Angeles again. I'd loove to visit more of California but I think I'd stay away from the crowds and tourist buzz of LA. I'm one of those people who gets unnecessarily annoyed in crowds or when people come at me with flyers!

3. What was the most thrill-inducing activity you have ever done while traveling?

I'm not a massive adrenaline junkie..I'm a massive worrier so I'm not one to get excited at the chance of a bungee jump or free fall. However I did abseil in Fiji and I also swam with sharks.

4. Have you ever had a terrible travel companion to the point you couldn't wait for the trip to be over?

Luckily no! I've always met amazing people abroad and travelled with lovely friends or on my own. Hopefully this won't happen any time soon!

5. Where is one place you keep going back and visiting over and over again?

Aside from visiting France constantly because I have family there, I've been to Italy quite a few times, too. It's one of my favourite countries in Europe and it has my two favourite things – great food and beautiful scenery. I would happily go back again and again. Next time hopefully to Milan.

6. What advice could you give to newbie travel bloggers

I'm pretty new to this as well and my blog has mainly been a hobby that I fit around working full-time. However, if you want to blog as more than a hobby or want interaction with readers or other bloggers, it's incredibly important to broadcast yourself to as many people as possible – unfortunately people probably won't find your blog unless you actively use social media to promote yourself. It's also really important to have your own voice and presence.  No one's gonna read your blog if you're boring or simply following the crowd. Write about what you care about. When you read a blog you want to see that the writer has a genuine passion and interest – let that shine through :)

7. Is there something you always have to do in every city you visit?

Throw away the map and just wander until I get lost. This is the best way to really discover a place and more often than not you'll find something amazing that you wouldn't have otherwise.

8.Where was the first place you visited overseas?

France when I was just born!

9. If you could live in any country right now, where would you live?

It was only recently that I was researching moving abroad, and New Zealand was the destination at the top of the list. The landscape looks incredible and I'd be able to cope with the climate. I'd also love to live in Canada. Somewhere in Quebec would be great so I could get back to speaking French at the same time.

10. If you could go back in time, what time period would you love to travel the world in?

I'd have loved to have been able to travel in the 60s! Otherwise back to the Triassic period because the world would have been compleeeetely different!

Now I've answered my questions I have a few for these talented bloggers. I've nominated the following based on how much their blogs have inspired my own blog journey as well as making me want to travel the world even more desperately. These ladies have amazing blogs so check them out, they are:

And my questions are:

1. What were you doing before blogging?
2. Is there somewhere you've always dreamt about visiting?
3. Where would you say is the most exciting place that you've visited?
4. What are your must-take travel items?
5. How old were you when you first went abroad?
6. What are your top tips for blog promotion?
7. What's the strangest/funniest comment you've had left on your blog?
8. Where is your hometown and what's it like?
9. Where in the world would you like to be right now?
10. Do you prefer visiting cities or places that are more remote?

Thanks again Lolo, and share the blog love everyone! :) 



  1. Your welcome! I enjoyed reading your answers especially the part about visiting LA! I totally agree with you and always tell people not to go there when visiting CA because its dirty and sketchy. San Diego is much more enjoyable and more beautiful! But I'll always have a soft spot for SD since that's where I'm from! :)

    1. I'm really glad I visited to see what the hype was about and to get the snaps of the Hollywood Sign but it's far too busy. I'd love to go to San Fransisco.. and San Diego sounds nice too! :)


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